Removals Company Cape Town Talks About the Process of Moving

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Removals Company Cape Town Talks About the Process of Moving

We are a removals company in Cape Town that is not only passionate about the moving industry, but also dedicated to exceptional customer service.

Doing whatever we can to make our clients’ lives easier is what sets us apart from all other moving companies in Cape Town.

Therefore, we have put together a comprehensive list of everything you need to know about the moving process and how we can work together as a team to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Removals Company Cape Town Gives Advice on the Moving Process

Where to Start?

The very first stage of moving is establishing where you want to move to. Whether it be a new neighbourhood in the same city, a quieter town on the outskirts of the city or a new city entirely, there are things you need to consider that will help you make your choice.

First you would need to know what kind of lifestyle you wish to live. For a faster paced lifestyle, a big bustling city would be the best choice. However, if you want to retire somewhere quiet, or would like your children to grow up away from the chaos of city life, then a smaller town is where you would fit right in.

If you are just moving neighbourhoods, then you want to consider what facilities are available in the area. For example, what are the schools like in that area and what kind of access to grocery stores is available? Perhaps easier access to outdoor activities is what you want – either way, make sure the neighbourhood you choose will service all your needs as an individual as well as a family.

Find Your Home & Get the Paperwork Done

Whether you are buying or renting a new home, there is always a lot of paperwork involved. So, once you have found your dream home, find out what you need to apply for the home.

The list of documents required for these types of applications are usually quite comprehensive and making sure you have all your ducks in a row will make the whole process so much easier.

The most successful applications are the ones that contain all the required documents first time round.

Choose a Moving Company

Choosing the right moving company for your move is one of the most important decisions you will make after choosing your new home.

Before you choose, you will have to take inventory of your home. This includes all the furniture you plan to move as well as the number of boxes you estimate you will have once you have packed up your entire house.

You will need to look for a moving company that is able to manage the size of you move with ease. Our removals company in Cape Town has a range of vehicles available to suite the size of your move as well as the distance.

Click here for a comprehensive guide on what to look for in the perfect moving company.

Don’t forget to let us know about any special items like pianos or other abnormally sized furniture so that we can put together the right team for the job.

Making sure the right team is allocated to your move is an important part of a successful move. It’s our job to make sure that the team is compatible with your move, it’s your job to let us know about the finer details.

Start Packing

Packing up your house involves so much more than just packing. This is the perfect opportunity to start de-cluttering and shedding some unnecessary weight.

The sooner you start with this process, the easier the job is going to be. The worst mistake you can make is waiting until the last minute to start packing, because that usually results in throwing everything into boxes without thinking about it, promising yourself that you will sort it out at your new destination – the truth is, this rarely happens.

Also remember that the more you have to move, the more it could end up costing you.

There really is no better feeling than finally getting rid of useless junk that you have been carrying around for years.

So, start packing early so you have enough time to de-clutter, donate and dump whatever no longer serves a purpose.

And, if your time is limited and your budget allows it, you may want to consider hiring us to do the packing for you. Our professional packing services are available to all of our clients on request.

If you choose to pack up your home yourself, we have put together a list of packing tips for you:

  • Source sturdy moving boxes
  • Set a timer and pack for an hour a day
  • Pack a moving essentials tote
  • Give each room a different colour packing label
  • Don’t over pack a moving box
  • Use the right size boxes
  • Don’t leave empty spaces in boxes
  • Bundle the breakables
  • Repurpose household items for packing
  • Label and take photos of furniture parts and accessories
  • Stock up on packing material for the kitchen
  • Use straws to keep jewellery from knotting
Be Ready

Even the smallest move can become extremely stressful when you are not prepared for the arrival of the removals company.

Chaos always ensues when households are not ready for the arrival of the moving company and the risk of something breaking or going wrong is immediately increased.

If you feel you are running out of time to be fully ready for your moving day, put in a few extra hours every day to make sure that there is nothing left to worry about when you wake up on the last day in your home, before you head on your next big adventure. You will be happy you did.

Peter’s Mini Removals – Furniture Removals Cape Town

We know and understand that moving can be extremely stressful but with us on your side, we guarantee that you will be well-looked after.

Our team of moving professionals are dedicated to making sure that you and your belongings are in safe hands, from the very start to the very end.

Nothing makes us happier than moving you safely and smoothly from one destination to the next. So, go ahead and contact us to find out more about our furniture removal services in Cape Town and South Africa.